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Abstraction Blue

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 Georgia O`Keeffe

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 22W X 34H

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Georgia O'Keeffe: One Hundred Flowers

Book Georgia O'Keeffe: One Hundred Flowers O'keeffe Although she did not consider them her specialty, Georgia O'Keeffe produced flower paintings so exceptional and compelling that for many people they remain the quintessence of the genre. No delicate Impressionistic pastels for O'Keeffe, whose backyard is filled with marvelous, gargantuan blooms steeped in bold, intoxicating color and sweet perfume

Georgia O'Keeffe: Legendary American Paintereorgia O'Keeffe: Legendary American Painter

"From the time I was small," said Georgia O'Keeffe, "I was always doing things other people don't do." When it was almost impossible for a woman to earn a living as a painter, O'Keeffe knew that she wanted to be an painter.


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Georgia O'Keeffe – FemBio: berühmte frauen
...Georgia O'Keeffe ist die bekannteste und erfolgreichste US-amerikanische Malerin; besonders ihre.....O–Ton.....Georgia O’Keeffe) Renate Rochner.. Literatur: Castro, Jan Garden.1985. The Art and Life of Georgia O.. (score=19)

...O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA GEORGIA O'KEEFFE.. O'Keeffe, Georgia. GEORGIA O'KEEFFE. Text by the artist, with.....GEORGIA O'KEEFFE; O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA. Offered by Ursus Books and Prints Ltd.. (score=19)

...O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA GEORGIA O'KEEFFE.. O'Keeffe, Georgia. GEORGIA O'KEEFFE. Text by the artist, with.....GEORGIA O'KEEFFE; O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA. Offered by Ursus Books and Prints Ltd.. (score=19)

Georgia O'Keeffe: The Poetry of Things
...The first major exhibition to focus exclusively on Georgia O'Keeffe's still life paintings will.....The legacy of Georgia O'Keeffe is connected in many ways to objects that she found, admired.....The exhibition contains paintings by O'Keeffe displayed with objects like those in the.. (score=19)

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum | News/Press Releases
...Those in the exhibition are from the Georgia O Keeffe Museum s permanent collection, with the.....The contributors to the catalogue are Barbara Buhler Lynes, Georgia O Keeffe Museum Curator and the.....The Georgia O Keeffe Museum, which opened July 17, 1997, is dedicated to perpetuating the artistic.. (score=19)

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum | Research Center
...Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Research Center, a component of the O'Keeffe Museum that was created to.....Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Research Center July 12-14, 2001. The conference offered scholars.....Georgia O'Keeffe and her place within the larger history of Modernism in America. View.. (score=19)

ArtsNet Minnesota: Environment: Georgia O'Keeffe
...Many critics and scholars have talked about themes in O'Keeffe's work such as the cycles of.....Georgia O'Keeffe herself did not confirm the critics' interpretations of her flower.....O'Keeffe was interested in European-based modern art, but she felt she could only go so far.. (score=19)

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Abstraction Blue FROM GEORGIA O'KEEFFE Abstract Organic